Select Senate Committee on Pensions and Benefits

  Name District Home Town Office Phone Email Chairman Jeff King 15 Independence 341-E 785-296-7361 Vice Chair Jeff Longbine 28 Emporia 235-E 785-296-7384 Ranking Minority Anthony Hensley 19 Topeka 318-E 785-296-3245 Member Committee Members Elaine Bowers 36 Concordia 223-E 785-296-7389 Jim Denning 8 Overland Park 541-E 785-296-7394 Mitch Holmes 33 St. John 237-E 785-296-7667 Laura Kelly 38 Topeka 123-E 785-296-7365 Forrest Knox 14 Altoona 234-E 785-296-7678 Ty Masterson 16 Andover 545-S 785-296-7388 To Write the Legislators using the U.S. Mails Legislator’s Name Office Number or Office Designation Kansas State Capitol 300 SW 10th Ave. Topeka, KS 66612-3232

2016 Kansas Legislative Session