When: 9 January 2019

​Time:  9:30 AM

Location: KNEA Building, 715 SW 10TH Avenue, Topeka 66612

If the legislature is still in session the time may change!  If you should plan to attend, check with Ernie or Ron about the time.

KCPR Updates

The rally is scheduled for 10:00 – 11:30 AM, Monday, February 4, 2019. It will take place in the 1st Floor Rotunda in the Capitol in Topeka. Click Here to read further information about the rally in the latest KCPR Monthly


Special Notes:

  • ** No carry over bills from previous            legislative session 
  • ** All bills must be reintroduced
  • ** All committees wil be reorganized          for the 2019 Legislative Session

KCPR Rally

in Support of KPERS

​12 September 2018

Upcoming elections and fall fundraiser, plus more discussed.

​​​​10 October 2018

Upcoming elections, fall fundraiser letters going out in two weeks, COLA bill lengthy discussion.​

  • Just released for our members the KCPR Annual Report with Recommendations for the 2018 Kansas Legislative Session

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Updated Resources

News Flash Corner 

14 November 2018

Unofficial Kansas  Election Results were discussed, further discussion regarding the COLA bill.​

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