Mission Statement


This is a group established for the purpose of achieving one common goal—pension equity for all retired public employees in the State of Kansas.  The Coalition has as its’ members many associations and groups but is not affiliated with any one association.

There will be four elected officers of this Coalition: 

These officers will be elected prior to September 1 of each year.

There will be monthly meetings held the second Wednesday of each month—these are open to anyone who is interested in our goal and will be held at a location announced by the chairman.

To guide the activities between monthly meetings, a Steering Committee of no more than eight (8) members shall be appointed by the Chair and Vice-chair.  Other committees suggested are: 

There are no dues—expenses of this group as voted upon by the members in attendance are paid through individual and group donations.

To encourage the Kansas Legislature and Executive Branch to provide regular adjustments to KPERS pensions so that the buying power of those pensions is not diminished.

Operational Guidelines