Throughout The Coalition’s quest for a COLA in behalf of the Retired Public Employees of Kansas , we have periodically received contributions not only from the Coalition Member Groups, but also interested individuals.  At this time we do not charge dues for membership in our organization.  The decision to charge no dues was made early on because it was reasoned that people had enough expenses.  We, however, can and do use funds for various operating expenses and activities.  None of the individuals working with the Coalition receive any money for their services from the Coalition. 

 It has been suggested that we might want to at least provide folks an avenue to donate.  Therefore, if you would like to donate to the pursuit of a COLA for Kansas Public Retirees, you may do so as listed below.

 All donations should be made to “Kansas Coalition of Public Retirees” and mailed to:

             Kent Dederick, Treasurer
             Kansas Coalition of Public Retirees 
             6343 SE 45th. St. 
             Tecumseh , KS 66542-9542

Your support is greatly appreciated,

Dennis Phillips, Co-Chairman 
Ernie Claudel, Co-Chairman 
Kansas Coalition of Public Retirees