(as of January 1, 2021)

  1.  AARP Kansas

  2.  Association of Department of Education Employees
  3.  Association of Retired City of Topeka Employees
  4,  Association of Retired Highway Employees
  5.  Association of Retired Insurance Department Employees
  6.  Association of Retired KPERS Employees
  7.  Fraternal Order of Police (Topeka Chapter)
  8.  HERO (Health and Environment Retirees Organization)
  9.  Johnson County Association of Retired School Personnel (JCARSP)
10.  KAEOP (Kansas Association of Educational Office Professionals)
11.  Kansas Association of Chief’s of Police
12.  Kansas Association of Community Colleges
13.  Kansas Association of Counties
14.  Kansas Association of District Court Clerks & Administrators
15.  Kansas Association of School Boards
16.  Kansas City, KS Retired Fire & Police
17.  Kansas Correctional Officers Association
18.  Kansas Counties and District Attorneys Association
19.  Kansas Department of Labor Retirees
20.  Kansas District Judges Association
21.  Kansas District Magistrate Judges Association
22.  Kansas Fire Service Alliance
23.  Kansas Peace Officer’s Association
24.  Kansas Retiree's/Kansas Retired
25.  Kansas Sheriff’s Association
26.  Kansas State Fraternal Order of Police
27.  Kansas State High School Activities Association
28.  Kansas State Troopers Association
29.  KAPE (Kansas Association of Public Employees) dba AFT-Kansas (American Federation of Teachers-Kansas)
30.  KARSP (Kansas Association of Retired School Personnel)
31.  KNEA
32.  KNEA Retired
33.  KOSE (Kansas Organization of State Employees)
34.  KSCFF (Kansas State Counsel of Fire Fighters)
35.  Leavenworth Area Retired School Personnel
36.  Olathe District Schools Retired Employees Association
37.  SEAK (State Employees Association of Kansas)
38.  United Teachers of Wichita
39.  USA of KS (United School Administrators)