If you want to purchase t-shirts, they are $8.00 each.  Some are available that can be delivered to your group by size.

To purchase, please contact Ernie Claudel at:  eclaudel1@comcast.net   or call at 913-481-6923.

We hope you can appreciate the fact that we would like to minimize the number of checks, so if you can, run the purchase through your group's treasurer and just pay them.  That would help us greatly.

We also hope you understand that we would like to mail as few individual shirts as possible because of both increased labor (we are all volunteers) and cost.  We will, however, do our best to get you one if you would like to own one!  We also plan to have them available for pick up when and if you come to Topeka.  If you wish to pay cash at that time, please bring exact money.

Ernie Claudel

KCPR T-Shirt Order Instructions

The Coalition has t-shirts for sale so that we can be identified as a group.  We suggest you wear a white blouse, shirt, or turtleneck and then slip the t-shirt on over your other garment.

Yes, there is a connection to the color chosen and mourning for our under-funded pension plan!